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Magisto automatically turns your videos and photos into beautifully edited movies.

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Amazing app! I LOVE IT! Best video app I have EVER used!Feb 19 by Hanna
Fun app and easy to use to make a movie!Feb 19 by Jeanette
Love this app! So easy and the videos come out like a pro worked on it for hours!Feb 10 by Gigi
I love this app. I have tried 100 video editors but none have been this good.Jan 28 by Maddie
I can't wait to share these beautiful videos with my friends and family!!Jan 9 by Victoria
If you are looking to make something small remarkable, Magisto is the way to go!Jan 2 by Lebryant Scott
I have tried other editing apps but they are not nearly as good as this fast, fun, and easy app!Jan 1 by Georgia
Love this app! Great app, amazing way to save wonderful memories!Dec 21 by Ethan858
Best app ever! Really fun to share moments in a cool way....Dec 7 by Nori Cee
You guys are awesome! 7 dogs adopted for the holidays, thanks to your videos!Dec 22 By Anonymous
Great effects! My videos look professional and very cool...Nov 17 by Ana Lora
Love this! - Had so much fun making a video of my niece's skating party!Nov 10 by Amanda West
AMAZING! My videos come out amazing! It is very easy to use i just love it.Oct 30 by Stepanie Matthew
Awesome! App is great and easy to use. This is exactly what you need if you like shooting videos...Nov 23 by Jaas
I didn't know what to expect but the result blew me away... the finished product is amazing!Dec 4 by Brian
Some of the movies are so great I get a tear in my eye! told all of my friends about itDec 13 by Gracielu
Awesome! If you love making movies this app is great and it saves you a lot of time...Nov 20 by Cesar Rosiles