How To Make A Rockin’ Video Starring Your Pet With Magisto

Whether you’ve got a dog, a cat, a bird, a goldfish, a guinea pig or a tarantula, odds are you can’t wait for the next opportunity to share a video of your furry, scaly or feathered friend on Facebook, Twitter and beyond.  Magisto makes it easy to put together a share-worthy clip of Fido, Fluffy or Nemo to share with your friends.  And the best part is, you don’t even need to know how to edit—we do it all for you!

The idea of making a pet video can be daunting, which is why most pet owners stick to posting photographs rather than videos.  But you’ve probably got a lot of great videos stored on your camera or computer that you’ve never shared because you thought they were too long or boring… or you just plain can’t stand video editing.  Lucky for you, Magisto lets you automatically edit your movies with the push of a button, for free!  Video making just got a whole lot easier.

When creating a video of your pet with Magisto there are a few things to think about.  For starters, understand that while you can upload a single video to make your Magisto clip, the results are better when you upload several videos.  You can upload up to 16 video files or up to 600 MB.  Take advantage of this!  While you may not have 16 videos you’d like to use, you should choose at least a few different clips of your pet being his or her adorable self.  This gives us more to work with.

If you haven’t shot your video yet, there are some things that you can keep in mind while shooting to achieve the best results once you upload your footage to Magisto.  Try to capture your pet from a couple of different angles and zoom distances.  Throw in a mix of close-up shots and wide shots.  This will make for a more interesting video.

Finally, you should put some thought into your soundtrack.  You can now upload your own soundtrack to use in the background of your Magisto clip, so choose something fun that represents your pet’s personality.

Below are a couple of fun examples, which showcase of how our users are using Magisto to create videos of their pets.  The first video, of a cat and dog playing together, is created by Maria Isabel.  The second video, which one of our users shared on YouTube this morning, features a cute kitten named Yuki taking a cat nap.  Click here to find out more about how you can share your Magisto videos on YouTube.

Check out the pet video below and then let us know what you think and, of course, feel free to share your own Magisto pet videos with us in the comments!

[wpvideo 27ekLtOm]