Meet Our Users: Getting In The Halloween Spirit With Magisto

Over the weekend an amazing Halloween video created by one of our users, Ana, caught our eye on Twitter.  The video is eerily beautiful, featuring a fun Halloween soundtrack cut with a mix of homemade video art pieces, a ballet performance and footage from the Australian Stonehenge.  It’s an amazing example of just how creative you can get when you make a video with Magisto and we couldn’t resist sharing it here on our blog!

Ana is one of our users in Chile and she told us that she was quite excited about the automatic video editing in her clip.  “I think the result was quite magical.”  She says, “As a multimedia artist, I discovered that, through filmmaking, I could create and display my artwork in a more dynamic way.”  However, Ana tells us she was using only very basic video editing techniques and she discovered that there were a lot of limitations.  She told us, “I wished I could create something more exciting and less boring, yet I couldn’t find a program for that.”

Ana discovered Magisto a little over a week ago in an article in a Saturday newspaper in Chile called El Mercurio.  She tells us, “It was good timing.  I was about to give up on trying to find a way to make my videos more fun.  And I am quite satisfied, and even mesmerized, by the results.”  Check out Ana’s video, ‘All Hallow’s Eve’, below and then read on to hear what else she had to say about her cool, artistic Halloween video clip.

[wpvideo R9EYVF7p]
Ana has made other Magisto clips, but she tells us that she found this one really magical.  She points out that some of the edits in her final clip seemed so perfect that she had a hard time believing we did it all automatically.  For instance, she loves the timing of the last clip, when she pops out from between the stones at the Australian Stonehenge.  “That for me was a ‘wow’ moment that made me wonder if it really was all automatic.  And yes, it is!  It’s such a magical experience!”

We always enjoy hearing the stories of our users.  We’re so glad that we’ve inspired Ana and we hope that her video has inspired you as well.  Halloween is just around the corner and it’s definitely a great opportunity to create your own spooky, eerie and Halloweenie Magisto clip.  If you do make a video about Halloween, or any other video you’re proud of, share it with us on Twitter or Facebook and we may feature your video as well!