Feature alert – original audio

One of the features that were requested many times by our users is to try and leave parts of the audio from the original videos. We clearly understand and relate to this request. In some cases, the original audio isn’t really that important or meaningful for the videographer but in some cases, it adds a lot to the viewing experience to hear what the people that are featured in the video are saying or singing (or barking…?) and sometime even just the background sounds has a meaning.

Few days ago we launched a first version of Magisto with audio analysis. We’re starting with a pretty basic approach and currently we’re only keeping the parts of the sound that are really “distinct” but the results get better and better every day. We are collecting your feedback as well as improving the analysis so stay tuned and keep uploading videos! If you have some thoughts about this issue and about the importance of the audio portion (or if you think differently), drop us a line at info@magisto.com.