The Trick To Creating Amazing Family Videos In Minutes

Home videos are one of the best ways to hold on to family memories, and share them with your friends and family all over the world.  However, editing together videos of your kids’ first day of school, birthday parties, vacations and other events can be complicated and time consuming and, more often than not, our family video footage sits unused and unshared on our cameras and computer hard drives.  That’s where Magisto comes in.

With Magisto you can upload all your favorite family videos, choose a song for your soundtrack, and our system will pull out all the best parts and edit it together into a professional-looking, fun video in a click.  Once you’ve uploaded your footage you can sit back and relax while Magisto does all the work for you.

We want to share some examples of family videos that our users have been creating, but first here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your family videos with Magisto:

1. Upload Multiple Videos

The more footage you give us to work with, the better your Magisto video will be.  You can upload up to 16 videos, or up to 600 MB, so take advantage of this!  The more videos you upload, the more variety your final clip will have, meaning it will be more interesting for your friends and family that you share it on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and beyond.

2. Make Sure To Get Shots Of Everyone

When you are shooting video of your family, make sure to get shots of everyone.  You don’t want anyone to be left out when your Magisto video is finished, so try to get as many shots as you can of mom, dad, the kids, the dog… everyone who’s there.

3. Put Some Thought Into Your Soundtrack

When you create a video with Magisto you can upload your own soundtrack, so put some thought into choosing a song that fits the occasion.  The song you choose can really help to create the mood of the event that the video is about.

Many of our users have been creating awesome family videos with Magisto.  One of our favorites was created by Ramon, one of our French users.  Ramon and his family made a video homage to the French TV show Fort Boyard, which his daughter loves.  Ramon told us, “We tried to ‘redo’ the show in our home, and we had a great time as you can see.”  Ramon told us that, “Like almost every parent, I make a lot of videos of my daughter but I have no time, nor the capabilities, to make something great with them.”  Magisto allowed him to put together the following video, Fort Boyard, automatically.

[wpvideo yA0rfXQy]


Below is another great family video that our CEO and co-founder Oren Boiman made of his kids after a fun day-trip last week.  Do you have family video footage sitting around on your computer?  Why not upload your videos to Magisto to edit your memories into a fun video that you can share with your friends?

[wpvideo VIYevy78]