Magisto takes 1st place at Techonomy 3!

First, let’s start with the gist cause this is what we’re about: WE WON!

Now let’s tell you more about it. Techonomy3 took place yesterday and the main event was a startup contest. 6 startups presented their stuff in front of the audience and a respectable list of International judges (Jeff Pulver, Cathy Brooks, Mike Butcher from TechCrunch, Martin Bryant from TheNextWeb, Yaron Samid, Shuli Galili and Adam Fisher). At the end, the participants had to vote (via sms) for the winner. Oren, Magisto’s founder and CEO did a killer demo on stage and the audience loved it!

The demo started with a VERY boring video of Oren’s baby girl followed by few awesome examples of videos by our users. The finale of the presentation was a video that we shot right before we went on stage and the participants were overwhelmed to see themselves in it. After the demo it was time to hear the judges. Their comments went between “It’s amazing! You’re solving a real problem and it’s a huge opportunity for you” to “I want in, send me an invitation!” So as you can understand it was a fun event and we were happy to be in it (and to take the title of course!)

Many thanks to the wonderful Orli Yekuel and her partner Eddy Resnizk for organizing this event (3 years in a row!) and providing a stage for great companies and cool products (like us:-) to introduce themselves to the world.