Meet Our Users: World Traveler Uses Magisto For Travel Videos

Shortly after our launch last month, one of our users named Geoff caught our attention with some amazing travel videos that he shared on Twitter.  Geoff used Magisto to create video memories of the trips he’s taken to French Polynesia, Malaysia, Kenya and Tanzania and they are truly breathtaking.

Geoff told us that he found out about Magisto through Mashable’s coverage of our launch.  He said, “It intrigued me that I could upload my videos and choose a title and 20 – 30 minutes later I’d have a nicely edited video that I could share with my friends and family.  So I gave it a try and, automagically, I had a really cool looking video a half-hour later.  I thought the results were brilliant and I’ve ended up doing several more videos since then.”

Check out Geoff’s first video below and then read on to find out more.

[wpvideo 5JOjLh7r]


Here at Magisto we’ve noticed that a lot of our users are uploading old videos that have been sitting on their hard drives, unedited, for years.  Geoff is one of these users.  He told us, “The footage I used dates back to 2008 and, aside from one small clip, I hadn’t done anything with the footage since I recorded it.  It seems to me that people have no problem flipping through pictures but, when it comes to videos, you might watch a couple of seconds, get frustrated trying to fast-forward to an interesting bit, and then just give up because you can’t find that bit.  Instead, I uploaded my video to Magisto and it did all the heavy lifting for me.”

Check out Geoff’s video of French Polynesia before reading more!

[wpvideo 0g87hZYQ]


Geoff told us, “I think this is a great service as video’s been overlooked (to an extent) from a social standpoint.  Photo sharing has taken off through the roof because it’s easy to use something like Instagram to take a fairly plain looking photo and make it look amazing.  But video sharing just takes A LOT more work.”

We’re glad that Geoff discovered Magisto as a solution for turning his old travel videos into clips that he can share!  If you’ve got video clips from your past vacations and travel excursions, click here to upload your videos to Magisto and make a video of your own!

[wpvideo wmbGOgzf]