How To Shoot Great Video On A Mobile Phone

These days more and more people are trading in their handheld cameras and camcorders and shooting video on their mobile phones.  Smart phones like iPhone, Android and others can produce amazing quality videos—often even better than some of the point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders that were on the market just a few years ago.  Last week we offered up some tips on how to shoot great video footage.  This week we’ve got some more tips for you, specific to shooting great video on a mobile phone or device.

Make Sure Your Phone Camera Is Set To Maximum Quality

Before you start shooting, make sure that the camera settings are set to the highest quality.  Some phones, by default, set the camera resolution to a lower quality in order to save memory.  Check out your phone’s instruction manual or check online to find out how to adjust the settings for your particular phone model.

Shoot In Lots Of Light

Because mobile camera lenses are tiny it’s important to shoot in conditions with as much light as possible if you want the picture to look as good as possible.  Shooting outdoors during the day will give you the best quality shot, but if you’re inside try opening the curtains to let in natural light or turn on as many lights as possible.

It’s also important to note that you should position yourself so that the light source is behind you and your subject is in front of you so the light will shine on them.  If the light is behind your subject then it can make them look like a dark silhouette on a bright background.

If you have to shoot in a dark location or at night, just try to position yourself so that as much light as possible is shining on your subject.

Zoom With Your Body

Some cameras don’t give you the option to zoom in and out, but even if you do have a zoom option it’s best not to use it.  Zoom your camera out as far as it will go and then walk back and forth to get more or less of the subject in the shot.  This will result in the highest quality image.

Hold The Phone Steady

One of the biggest problems with shooting video on a mobile phone is that the image can be shaky.  Many people hold their arm straight out in front of them and it can be hard to keep your arm from shaking in this position.  Magisto has a built in image stabilization feature to help smooth out jerky camera movements.  However, by holding the camera with two hands and steadying your arms against your chest or on a surface like a table or chair back you can greatly cut down on the shakiness.

Always Shoot More Than You Think you Need

When shooting mobile video it’s always a good idea to get more footage than you think you’ll need.  There’s nothing worse than coming home to check out your footage and finding that you didn’t shoot enough or that a large portion of it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to.  The more you shoot, the better odds you’ll wind up with something great.

When you upload your video footage to Magisto, Magisto automatically discovers the most interesting parts of your footage and edits them together into one video clip.  The more Magisto has to work with, the better your video will turn out!