Meet Our Users: Magisto Makes Demo Videos Easy

Our users have been finding all sorts of fun and interesting uses for Magisto.  We’ve seen skydiving videos, bike ride videos and everything in between.  While many of you are making Magisto clips of fun events and memories from your own lives, Julian, one of our users from Turkey, has found another cool use for Magisto.  He used Magisto to create a product demo video for his website, and we thought it was such a cool idea that we wanted to share it with you.  Maybe it will inspire you to create your own unboxing or demo video with Magisto!

We had the opportunity to ask Julian a few questions about his video, which you can watch below.  He told us, “The video we did using Magisto is of our new product the TouchPen, a stylus pen for iPad and tablets.  Using my iPod’s camera, we shot a very standard video showing how we write on the iPad screen using the TouchPen.  The video is meant to be displayed on our website and on our social media channels.”

[wpvideo 1uo0fiu7]

When asked what he thought about the way the video turned out, Julian told us, “The result was pretty awesome in terms of the quality and content of the video.  A 1-minute plain video was transformed into a vibrant clip.  It looks professional and communicates the message we were after in a way I don’t think we could have done better, using free resources.”

We really like the simplicity of Julian’s video, and the fact that it clearly illustrates the TouchPen and how it works.  We would love to see our users create similar videos, unboxing and showing off tech and other products.  Has Julian’s video inspired you?  Click here to start creating your video!