It’s show time !

Hi and Welcome to the magisto blog !
Let me tell you how it all started.
When my first daughter was born, our family had great new amazing moments in life and it was important for me to share them with my friends and family. This should be a piece-of-cake, I thought. Pictures didn’t quite capture the moment, so I bought a camcorder and captured a lot of video. After spending a lot of time, capturing, moving, compressing – I looked at the resulting footage – It was so terribly boring, unrelated to my memory of the event ! It was primitive to browse it, impossible to search it, insane to try to organize it. It was useless.
Enter video editing – I got some state-of-the-art software and then found out, that video editing is a one-time experience. It is too time-consuming, generally not-fun and simply not for me. Then I tried all sorts of “solutions” – YouTube, FaceBook, MotionBox, Picasa…  Sure, they all help you share, by why would I want to share these boring, bad looking, barely digestible raw video ?! I looked and looked and – nothing. I got very frustrated – my most precious moments dusting after all my effort. Could it be that the crappy user experience of my personal video is as good as it gets ?! Could it be that in spite of a huge industry for capturing, uploading, streaming video, at the end,*everyone* is left with unusable, worthless video and their most precious moments are ‘buried’ inside ?
This was my very personal incentive to solve this huge problem (tell you more in the next posts) and now it’s finally show time.
So, enjoy the show – It’s all yours.

PS – and don’t forget to tell your friends, their videos are also worth sharing !