5 Tips On How To Make A Sick Skate Video With Magisto

We’ve seen people make all sorts of videos with Magisto, from family home movies to pet videos, dance videos and more.  But one of the raddest uses of Magisto that we’ve seen so far is skateboarding videos.  If you skate, you’ve probably got tons of videos from your skate sessions collecting virtual dust on your computer or smartphone.  Many of our users are finally putting these videos to use, uploading them to Magisto to automatically edit short, cool clips to share with all their friends on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and beyond.

While Magisto turns your movies into short, fun clips automatically, there are some things you can do to ensure that your skateboarding video turns out great.  We’ve put together a list of tips to help you create the sickest skateboard video possible.

1. Don’t just upload one video

Sure, you can just upload a single video to Magisto, but the results will be much better if you upload more than one.  Keep in mind that you can upload up to 16 separate video files or up to 600 MB.  Magisto pulls out all the best parts and edits them together for you, so the more we have to work with the better your video will be.

2. Shoot in different locations

When you go out skating you don’t just stay in one place, so why should your video show you skating in only one place?  Shoot footage in a bunch of different locations—at the skate park, grinding different curbs and rails around the neighborhood, cruising through all your favorite spots.  When you’ve got variety in your video it makes it more interesting for your viewers, leading to more likes, comments and shares.

3. Get a good mix of tricks and cruising shots

Speaking of variety—you’ll want to make sure you get a good mix of tricks and cruising shots in.  If you just upload videos of kickflips your audience is going to get bored.  Make sure to include as many different tricks as you can do, interspersed with some nice cruising footage.  Again, the more you give us to work with the better your Magisto clip will be.

4. Make sure to get plenty of shots of all your friends

You may be making a video of just yourself, but if you’re hanging with a group you’ll want to make sure to get a good amount of video of everyone there.  This ensures that everyone makes it into your Magisto clip.

5. Put some thought into your soundtrack

Remember that when you make a video with Magisto you can upload your own soundtrack, so put some thought into what song you’d like to use.  Pick something that is catchy and good from the start, because the music in your video will start from the beginning of the song.  The music you choose can really add to the mood of your final video, so put some thought into it.

Check out the videos below for a couple examples of how our users are using Magisto to make their own skateboard videos.  The first is an amazing long-boarding video shared by one of our users on Twitter.  The second video, featuring another one of our skateboarding users, was shared on YouTube.  Click here to find out how you can share your Magisto videos on YouTube.

Do you skate?  Feel free to share your own skate videos with us in the comments below.

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