Upload your own soundtrack!

Selecting a soundtrack for your Magisto clip is even easier now. Many of you kept asking about using your own music files for the soundtrack so we’re now happy to tell you that we’ve added this feature. When you reach “Select Soundtrack” section, you’ll notice that you have a new Blue button “Upload from your computer”. Click it and you can add the music file.

Since we’ve added it we’re getting a lot of feedback from users who share with us how much their happy to share their video, now that it’s with their preferred soundtrack. So hope you’re gonna love it and remember: If you have specific requests for new features that you want, just email us at info@magisto.com or use the “Feedback” button on the website. We can’t guarantee to add everything but we do our best…

Oh, and one more thing that you should know: You can now watch your Magisto clips on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. We know how it works: you find yourself somewhere with your friends and you feel like you must showoff with that clip from the party you went to. Just take out your iPhone, go to Magisto.com, then “My videos” and Voila!

We have some more exciting news about new features coming up so stay tuned!