Meet Our Users: For The Love Of Dogs & Other Furry Creatures

Meet Liza.  Liza loves dogs and she has made it her mission in life to help animals that are in need and she garners support and raises money through her Facebook page, ‘LEO the Lion Hearted’.  Recently Liza discovered Magisto and has been using it to create amazing videos of her dog and the other animals she is helping.  Through sharing on her Facebook page, Liza has become one of our most-viewed users, and we are so happy to share her story with you!

Liza tells us, “Helping furbabies is actually my calling in life.  I foster and help as many as I can.  I volunteer at an amazing rescue group called For The Love Of Strays’.  It is a non-profit 501C3 that is totally made up of volunteers.  All of the saved dogs go to loving foster homes, until we find loving forever homes for them.”  The video below features some adorable puppies that Liza rescued over the summer.

[wpvideo 1MD0wbGh]
Liza says she started her Facebook group because she and For The Love Of Strays needed to raise money for Leo, a hurt dog in need of help, to have his leg amputated.  “We raised funds by bringing awareness to his story.  What I never could have expected what the loving support from the Facebook animal community.”  Now Liza’s Facebook group has over 1,700 ‘likes’ and she has taken Leo the dog in for good.

She told us, “I found Magisto when Leo still had all four legs.  I had taken a video of him with my daughter, but I didn’t think it was good enough to post like it was.  I have absolutely no experience at all with video editing of any kind.  I thought I might be able to find a program that could help me.”  She discovered Magisto through a Google search and thought it was worth a try.  You can click here to see Liza’s first video, of Leo and her daughter.  Since that first video, they managed to raise enough money for Leo to have his operation and he is living the high life, as you can see from the video below.

[wpvideo 1PycJBKq]
Liza has also used Magisto to help find loving homes for animals in need.  One of her videos, Chloe and the Kitties’, was created so that a potential adopted family could see one of Liza’s foster dogs in action.  “That video was made because someone who wanted to adopt Chloe wanted to see how she was with cats.  She loved the video so much and the song really moved her.  Now she is Chloe’s forever mommy.  That video helped Chloe find the best home ever.”

[wpvideo p6IXyLP0]
We are so moved by Liza’s story and we love her videos.  We hope you do too!  And on that note, we’ll leave you with one of our favorite videos from Liza—Dog Vader!  Enjoy!

[wpvideo pQmbQAD7]