Magisto + iPhone = The World’s Smartest Video Camera

In September we introduced Magisto, allowing anybody to create movies from unedited footage with the simple click of a button. We immediately followed by partnering with YouTube bringing Magisto to YouTube Create. And in the past three months, we’ve seen our users create videos spanning almost every aspect of their lives from precious first moments, to amazing vacations, to chasing tornadoes in Kansas. Each of these Magisto movies tells a story that might have otherwise never been told.

Now we’re excited to make our next big move, combining our proprietary technology with the world’s most popular smartphone – the Apple iPhone. By combining the power of Magisto with the power of the iPhone we are creating the world’s smartest video camera, one that is already in the pocket of over 85 million users!

With Magisto, you simply shoot video clips, select a title, a soundtrack, and just minutes later you receive a fully edited and produced movie.

Magisto starts to process your video clips as soon as you shoot them. Our proprietary AI analyzes your video, understands what is happening, taking the best portions to create a professional quality movie complete with transitions, effects, and highlights all synched to your soundtrack.

As you would expect, you can also use videos from your camera roll and turn them into something you’ll want to share and watch, again and again. We’re in the final phases of development leading to our most exciting product launch yet and cannot wait to unleash it upon boring videos everywhere.

The world is getting used to having the world’s smartest personal assistant in a pocket. With Magisto, the iPhone is also smart enough to make your videos into real movies. Stay tuned, and keep shooting… we’ll be here to create stories from all that life shows you.

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In the meantime – take a look at the screenshots below!