Meet The Magisto Team: Our CEO & Co-Founder Oren Boiman

Meet Oren Boiman.  Oren is our CEO & Co-founder, but that’s not all—he’s also a dad and, like many of our users, he uses Magisto to automatically create family videos to keep and share memories as his kids grow.  In fact, Oren came up with the idea for Magisto when his first daughter, Tamar, was born in 2005.

Oren says, “As a new dad, I was very enthusiastic about capturing every moment of Tamar’s life, so I bought a new camcorder and a new still camera (there were no smartphones with decent cameras yet).  I preferred video over pictures because, for me, video is a way more powerful and expressive tool for capturing memories, but we quickly ran into some problems when it came to editing our videos together.

“When we planned to celebrate Tamar’s birth after a few months, my wife Keren tried to compile photos and videos to make a cool clip for our guests.  We tried to use various ‘simple’ video editing tools, but they were all pretty complicated to use.  All in all, my wife spent two weeks (!) making the video look good.  Sufficed to say, she has not touched video editing software again.”

Oren and his wife tried all sorts of solutions, from video editing software that was too complicated and time-consuming to automated solutions that randomly chopped their videos up into unprofessional-looking jumble.  It was frustrating, to say the least.

Oren says, “This frustration led me to understand that this is a problem that everyone has.”  Especially these days, in which the advent of the smartphone has increased the amount of home video we all have sitting around, people need a solution for making their videos more interesting and more shareable.  “Magisto is just the right product at the right time—Make an astonishing video in a click.  It’s a new approach to making your video, without the pain and frustration of manual video editing.”

Today Oren has four kids—a new set of twins, Amit and Omri, recently joined his daughter Tamar and son Ido—and he has got his hands so full with juggling his responsibilities as a dad and his responsibilities at Magisto that he’s got even less time than he used to for editing together precious family memories.  “Thankfully, Magisto makes it so easy that in a click of a button we can make better video clips than what took us two weeks to create using video editing software, back when my first daughter was born.  Now, I can practically make everything I capture into a share-worthy clip.”

Check out a couple of Oren’s family Magisto clips below.  Now you know how our CEO and Co-founder uses Magisto… feel free to tell us how you are using Magisto!  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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