Before And After: Image Stabilization Smoothes Out Your Shaky Footage [Video]

Here at Magisto we pride ourselves on making your videos look as amazing as possible.  Just upload your videos and let our automatic video editor do the work for you—cutting together your footage with fun transitions and effects to create a video that you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family.  We thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of these effects and features so you can get an inside glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes at Magisto, so here’s an inside look at image stabilization.

If you’ve ever tried to shoot a video without a tripod (and that is the way that most people shoot video these days) then you’ve undoubtedly wound up with some pretty shaky footage.  It can be hard to hold the camera steady—particularly if you are shooting sports videos or are on the go.  Lucky for you, our system has a built in image stabilizer that helps smooth out any bumpy rides in the video you upload.

Even video that you thought was unusable because it was so jerky can get a facelift when you run it through the Magisto video editor.  See for yourself in the example below, which was shot by someone holding a camera while skiing.  Notice how hard to watch the original video is.  Then check out the difference after image stabilization.

Before Image Stabilization

[wpvideo tepnYebb]


After Image Stabilization

[wpvideo aRHh3I8H]


Now give it a try for yourself!  Click here to start uploading your videos and see what Magisto can do with them!