How to Shoot Better Video on Your Mobile Phone

These days more and more people are shooting video on their mobile phones.  If you’ve got an iPhone, an Android or another mobile device there are several things you can do to ensure that your video footage turns out great.  Check out a few of our tips below.

1. Set your phone camera to maximum quality – Before you start shooting, make sure that the camera settings are set to the highest quality.  Some phones allow you to choose the quality of the video you shoot and, by default, the resolution is often set to a lower quality in order to save memory.  Check out your phone’s instruction manual or look online to find out how to adjust the settings for your particular phone model.

2. Shoot in lots of light – Because mobile phones have tiny lenses it’s important to shoot in as much light as possible.  If you can shoot outside during the day, that would be ideal.  If you are inside, open the curtains to let natural light through the window.  If you have to shoot in darker conditions or at night, just position yourself so that your subject is in as much light as possible.

3. Zoom with your body – Your camera may or may not have a zoom function.  However, whether or not it does you should still zoom with your body.  Zoom the camera out as far as possible and walk backwards or forwards to get more (or less) of your subject in the frame.

4. Hold the phone steady – Magisto does have a built in image stabilization feature to smooth out shaky footage, but you can still cut down on shake on your own by steadying your arms.  Hold the camera with two hands and steady your arms against your chest, or on a surface like a table or the back of a chair.

5. Shoot more than you think you need – Whenever you shoot video on your mobile phone it’s always a good idea to shoot more footage than you think you’ll need.  When you upload videos to Magisto, Magisto automatically discovers the best parts of your footage and edits them together into one clip.  The more footage you give Magisto to work with, the better the chances are that we’ll find tons of great video to use in your final clip.