Share your great Magisto videos on YouTube

Many of you have asked us to be able to share your Magisto videos on YouTube. We are glad to announce that you can now, only with one click, post your Magisto video directly on YouTube.

YouTube is one of the best ways to share great videos with your friends and family. We built Magisto because oftentimes people hesitate to share their videos as they may be a bit long or even slightly boring. Now with Magisto, your videos are short and fun to watch, and much easier to share on YouTube.

To export your videos to YouTube, simply click on the “YouTube” logo next to your video. A window will pop up and you will have to sign in to your YouTube account (or create a new one).

Once you are logged in, you will have to authorize Magisto to post videos on your behalf to YouTube. Once this initial authorization is done, posting to YouTube becomes a matter of one-click.

Posting your video to YouTube is a one-click process, but YouTube may take as long as 30 minutes to process your video in the background. You will get an e-mail from YouTube once your video is available on your YouTube channel.

In other news:  Many of you want to “tweak” some of your Magisto videos. We are working on a set of simple tools to let you easily make small changes and edit your videos. Some of these tools are going to let you change soundtrack, add and remove scenes, and a few more. Request more of these tools by filling out our quick survey here