Meet Our Users: A Bike Ride With A Mission

Inspired by all the different creative uses that our beta users are finding for Magisto, we decided to put together a blog series of ‘Meet Our Users’ to feature some of their videos and stories.  This is the first in that series.  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Meet Alonna.  Alonna created a great Magisto clip of a 2011 bike ride for Bike MS, which she shared on YouTube last week.  We had the opportunity to find out the story behind Alonna’s ‘2011 Keystone Bike Ride Start’ and how she used Magisto to put the video together.  Read on to find out more.

Bike MS is more than just a bike ride—it’s a bike ride with a mission.  That mission is to create a world free of Multiple Sclerosis, and the Keystone Country Ride featured in Alonna’s video was a fundraising ride that took place on July 23 and 24 of 2011.  Over 600 riders showed up, and Alonna captured it all with her video camera.  She told us that if it hadn’t been for Magisto they probably wouldn’t have done much of anything with the video.  “We have pulled a few stills from the videos for photos.  The videos would just have been in our scrapbook but would not have been able to share easily.”

[wpvideo KuCQxgww]

Alonna discovered Magisto when she was searching for video editing software on Google.  We asked her how she feels about the way the video turned out.  “Absolutely loved it!” she told us.  “I also sent the link to the MS staff members and they are excited about it too.”

We think Alonna’s video is a fantastic example of how Magisto can be used to quickly create a fun and memorable video of an event, even if you’ve got a lot of video footage and no editing experience. Using Magisto, Alonna was able to easily upload eight source videos of the event, choose a song, and the video was created for her automatically.

In addition to Alonna’s Bike MS video, we’ve been seeing all sorts of creative and interesting uses for Magisto, from pet videos to skate videos and everything in between.  Stay tuned for more user stories in the coming days and weeks.  How are you using Magisto?