How to Make a Fun Family Video

Creating a video of your family can be a great way to capture memories, from birthday parties to trips to the park. If you are thinking of making a family video with Magisto, here are some tips:

1. Remember that you don’t have to restrict yourself to a single video. You can upload up to 16 video files or up to 600MB when you make a video with Magisto. Try to upload as much footage as you have of a specific event to really capture the whole memory.

2. Make sure to get shots of everyone. You want the whole family to be included in your final video, so make sure you don’t leave anyone out while you’re shooting your video.

3. If you have your family members look directly into the camera and speak then the original soundtrack of your video may be used in the final edit. If you have a little one that is just starting to talk, this can be an adorable way to keep a record of their first sentences.

4. Put some thought into your soundtrack. You want to choose a fun song that not only makes you think happy thoughts about your family, but also fits the occasion. If it’s a birthday, for instance, choose a birthday song from our library. We’ve also got a nice selection of kids songs. You can also upload your soundtrack from your computer.Creating a video with Magisto is quick and easy. Just upload your videos, pick a title and song for the background and wait for Magisto to automatically edit your video for you. Because it’s so easy it’s a fantastic way to save and share family memories on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Have fun!

Check out the family video example below, created by user Geoff Thomas, for inspiration!