The Dirty Little Secret Every Professional Video Editor Needs To Know

When you work as a video editor you spend your days logging footage, making cuts, tinkering with graphics, and rendering again and again and again.  When you get home to your friends and family you hardly feel like sitting down to log and cut your own home video clips.  It takes time (more than most people know!), and all too often you just can’t be bothered to spend hours editing videos of your own friends and family.  Magisto is here to help.

With Magisto all you have to do is upload your videos, choose a soundtrack and title and our automated system does the rest of the work for you.   We’ve put a lot of work into our editing system, so you don’t have to.  Magisto pulls out all the most interesting parts from the videos you upload and cuts them together into a share-worthy clip, and you don’t have to make a single cut.

Of course, Magisto isn’t here to replace the professional editing that you do on the job, but we’re hearing from lots of editors that are turning to Magisto for their personal videos.  Shachar, a video editor from Israel, tells us, “All professional video editors share one problem: being asked by friends and family for video-related favors.  If I’m ever seen holding a video camera at a friend’s party, even if the camera is not mine, an edited movie is automatically expected.  In short, Magisto has set me free (at least on the weekends!).”

Shachar says that there are, of course, situations that require manual editing, such as when there’s a specific dialog or narrative that calls for deliberate cuts of specific moments and nuances.  However, for all other situations Shachar says, “I would choose Magisto.”

Shachar shared the following video with us, which he says would have taken him over 10 hours to create on his own after sorting through one and a half hours of raw footage, editing it together, and adding motion graphics.  With Magisto, he says, “I spent about five minutes thinking of a good title, and another ten minutes picking a soundtrack (because there were a few choices I liked).  The upload continued while I went on with my day.”

[wpvideo 9jnysPYJ]

Megan, another video editor turned Magisto enthusiast, is happy that she’s finally found a use for all the old videos sitting on her hard drive.  “Wherever I go I take my video camera, but I rarely have the time to edit my footage together into anything worth sharing.  It’s usually at least two to three hours work to put together the simplest video of my dog, a trip to the park or a fun event I went to, so my videos usually end up forgotten on my computer.  Magisto is a simple way to put all that forgotten video to use.  I sort of feel like it’s cheating…shh!”

Megan shared the below video with us that she recently made of a trip she took to the zoo over two years ago.  The videos she shot had just been sitting on her computer.

[wpvideo 66DOFqEM]