Magisto Turns Your Facebook Timeline Into The Ultimate Video Scrapbook

Starting today, sharing your favorite video moments on Facebook just got a whole lot more awesome.

Starting today, sharing your favorite video moments on Facebook just got a whole lot more awesome.

Our new Facebook Timeline Application turns your timeline into the ultimate scrapbook. It curates your best Magisto video memories, grouping them into easy-to-discover collections so that you and your Facebook friends can experience your videos like never before.

When someone uses Magisto to automatically edit and create a movie it is usually about a memorable event in their life—a birthday, a vacation, a fun time spent with friends. Magisto CEO Oren Boiman explains, “These personal video memories are perfect for sharing on your Facebook Timeline.  However, until now sharing these moments on Facebook has been less than ideal, with meaningful videos disappearing down the timeline with less important updates in a very short time.  These videos are still just as powerful and share worthy as ever, but once they get lost in the timeline they simply aren’t discoverable anymore.”

Now, when you create a Magisto movie and share it on Facebook it will be displayed in a special Magisto box at the top of your timeline.  As the months and years pass and you create more and more videos you’ll be able to hop back in time on your Facebook timeline to watch the most meaningful moments you created with Magisto in a specific month or year, all neatly stored in a single place—like a scrapbook for your video memories along with the Facebook conversation around them. It is so easy to create movies with Magisto that you can populate your timeline with videos in virtually a few minutes.

Boiman says, “Our new timeline application automatically curates, organizes and displays your best video moments. More than any text or photo, video is the perfect way to share with friends how it actually feels to experience moments in life, whether it’s a trip to the beach in Hawaii, your Birthday party, or your baby’s first steps.”

We’re all about making social video sharing easy, fun and effective and we want to help populate Facebook with video that is share worthy, memorable and easy to consume.  We’re really excited about the doors that this will open for personal video sharing on Facebook and can’t wait to hear what you think.

Start creating and sharing your own Magisto videos on Facebook to see Magisto in action on your own timeline.