New Years Resolution Idea: Create A Video Record Of 2012 With Magisto

The long holiday weekend is over and you’ve had a few days to reflect on your goals and resolutions for the New Year.  If you have yet to come up with a resolution for 2012, have we got an idea for you!  Why not resolve to make a record of the coming year with Magisto?

Magisto edits your video footage for you, making it easy to create short share-worthy clips to share with your friends and family throughout the year and watch in future years to remember what you where up to in 2012!

These days we all have more video footage than ever lying around—from consumer cameras to our smartphones.  Usually this footage just sits around on our computers, phones and cameras collecting virtual dust.  This year, make a point to do something with it!  Upload your videos to Magisto, choose a title and a soundtrack and let us do the work for you.  You don’t have to know anything about video editing—it’s all automatic.

Take the time to think about how you’d like go about recording 2012 with Magisto.  The options are endless:

  • You could decide to video tape all of the most precious moments of the year, from birthday parties and anniversaries to vacations and day-trips
  • You could decide that at the end of every month you will upload all the videos on your smartphone to Magisto to make a monthly video collage of what you did that month
  • You could create a video “fashion show” to show off all your favorite outfits and hairstyles throughout the year – this has the potential to be hilarious ten years down the road!
  • Don’t forget that you can also talk directly to the camera and your speech will be added into the mix, so you can talk about your thoughts and feelings at different points throughout the year

You should also take the time to think about how you’d like to present your year in video.  Here are some suggestions:

  • As you make your way through the year, post each video on your Facebook timeline
  • Export your 2012 videos to YouTube and create a playlist that shows them all in order
  • Start a blog (if you don’t have one already) and embed your Magisto movies there as you make your way through 2012

If you decide to use Magisto to create a video record of your 2012, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.  How will you be formatting the project?  What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?

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