Do You Make These 5 Common Video Sharing Mistakes?

Upset that nobody is watching your online videos? Check out these 5 common video sharing mistakes that could be keeping your videos from getting the attention they deserve.

MistakesWhen you make a video and put it online, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing the view count rise and reading the nice comments left by friends and other viewers.  On the flip side, when you upload a video and nobody watches it, it can be a major letdown.  Upset that nobody is watching your online videos?  Excuse our bluntness, but the problem may be you!  Many people sabotage themselves through not-so-great methods of video sharing.  Check out these 5 common video sharing mistakes that could be keeping your videos from getting the attention they deserve.

Mistake #1: Ignoring the text elements

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when sharing videos online is ignoring the text elements.  Your video may be the most beautiful thing that anyone has ever seen, but nobody will click to watch it if they aren’t intrigued by the title or description.

Imagine that you see a friend tweet something plain like, “Watch my video” with a link.  Unless they are a really close personal friend then you probably won’t care to click and watch.  What s the video about?  Why should people care?  A tweet like this doesn’t answer any of these questions.

Now, imagine you see a tweet that says something like, “Check out this video of bulldog puppies in Santa suits!”  Sounds much more intriguing, right?  Remember, even if your video is amazing, nobody will click to watch it if you don’t make it sound interesting, so take your time when it comes to titles, descriptions and other text elements.

Mistake #2: Putting all your eggs in one basket

Where and how are you sharing your videos?  If you’ve posted a link to your video on Facebook and left it at that, you aren’t maximizing your resources.  If you want to get as many views and attention as possible, then don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Share on Facebook and Twitter, post your video to YouTube and email it to friends and family that may not be using any of these networks.  Odds are you’ve got different sets of friends and followers on each of these networks and if you want to tap into a network of as many viewers as possible then you should post your video in as many places as you can.

Mistake #3: Being spammy

When we say that you should post your video to as many different places as you can, we have to stress that you shouldn’t be spammy.  We’ve all followed people on Twitter or had friends on Facebook that spam us with the same videos, pictures and links over and over and over.  “Read my blog! Read my blog! Read my blog!” or “Watch my video! Watch my video! Watch my video!” is a great way to get on your friends’ nerves to the point that they’ll block you from their newsfeed, unfollow you and not click on any of your links.

Post your video site ONCE and then give it some time.  You may have the urge to re-post shortly after to get the ball rolling again, but resist!  Spammers never win!

Mistake #4: Timing

The timing of your video sharing is also important.  If you share the link too early in the morning or too late at night it may slip past the radar of people who aren’t online.  Posting during high traffic times of day are best.

KISSmetrics put together an awesome infographic series on social timing in which they say that the best times to tweet are at noon and 6PM and the best time to share on Facebook is noon.

Mistake #5: Sharing long boring clips

Finally (and once again, excuse our bluntness), one of the biggest reasons that people don’t get views on the online videos that they share is that they simply aren’t worth sharing.  These days, shooting and sharing video is easier than ever.  Most of us have video cameras on our mobile phones and we can shoot and upload video to YouTube or Facebook in a matter of minutes.  But this has resulted in a lot of videos being uploaded that are long and uncut, and it can often be a bore to sit through a full video to get to the interesting parts.

These days there is such a huge amount of online video content out there (60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube ever minute!).  Viewers don’t have the patience to sit through long, boring home videos.  When you share a video it needs to capture the viewer’s attention within the first 15 seconds or they’ll click away to watch something else.  So stop uploading long, boring clips.  If you don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to edit your video on your own, we’re here to help!

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