Facebook Features Magisto Timeline App At Press Event

AMSTERDAM—Earlier this month Magisto announced the launch of a new Facebook timeline app—the Magisto timeline app turns your Facebook timeline into the ultimate video scrapbook, organizing your best Magisto video memories and grouping them into easy-to-discover collections so that you and your Facebook friends can experience your videos like never before.

We are excited to announce that we’ve just launched an improved timeline app with more social features that make for a more personalized viewing experience on the web and on the mobile web.  This week Roy Klieger, Magisto’s VP Products, had the opportunity to demo the new Magisto video timeline app at Facebook’s Apps & Drinks press event—an offshoot of The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam.  In that event, Facebook chose to feature Magisto as a great example of a timeline app.

Magisto CEO Oren Boiman says, “Timeline apps have opened up new doors for personal video discovery, making it easier than ever to create personal video memories and share them with your friends.  We are proud to have been a part of this event and to be one of the early adapters of Facebook Apps for timeline.”

The launch of the timeline app couldn’t come at a more appropriate time.  In an interview earlier this month, Sarah Lacey asked Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom why he thinks that mobile video hasn’t taken off in the way that mobile photography has.  Systrom said that one of the biggest problems “with video today and mobile is simply the experience of being able to edit it.”  Magisto does away with this problem.

Boiman says, “Sharing personal video is the best medium to let your friends share in your experiences.  Magisto has eliminated the video editing barrier that held video content back for so long. Finally, the Magisto timeline app makes it very easy for people to share their edited video memories and experiences, and gives their friends a fun way to watch and discuss them.”

With the app, when you share a new Magisto movie on Facebook it is now displayed in a special Magisto box on your timeline.  As time passes, you will be able to scroll back through time to discover the most meaningful moments you created with Magisto in a specific month or year—think of it as a scrapbook for your video memories.

Magisto has already solved the inherent problem of raw, unedited personal video footage by turning it automatically into edited share-worthy movies.  Now, with the Magisto timeline app, these video memories become even more social by inviting your friends to discover and engage with them.

Start using the app at apps.facebook.com/Magisto.