Video Storytelling: The Importance Of Planning Before Shooting

Dog Crossing StreetEveryone loves a good story and, when it comes to online video, the videos that get shared the most are those that tell a story.  Whether you want to tell a true story with a beginning, middle and end, or just tell the “story” of a single event, you have got to make sure you have enough video footage to tell your story in full.  There’s nothing worse than getting all your footage together to make your movie and discovering that you’re missing a key part of the story.  That’s where planning comes in.

We know that sometimes you’ll use Magisto to create a movie from old videos.  However, if you are heading to an event or planning to shoot a brand new movie, it can be really helpful to take a few minutes to plan before you get started, to make sure that you shoot all the necessary footage so that you won’t have holes in your story.

Take a minute to make a checklist of all of the “scenes” that will be helpful in telling your story.  We’ve put together a really simple example to illustrate.  We wanted to tell the story of a trip to the dog park and before we embarked on our journey we made a list of the different scenes that we wanted to use to tell the story:

1. The dog finding out that he’s going to the park (Yay!)
2. Walking to the park
3. Playing at the park
4. Walking home
5. Arriving back at home

We shot all of our footage during our trip to the park and when we got home we uploaded the footage to Magisto, chose a title and a song (‘Who Let The Dogs Out’, of course!) and here’s what we got:

Of course, the list of footage that you want to get in order to tell your story will be different depending on the story you want to tell.  For instance, if you want to tell the “story” of an event you may want to get footage of yourself getting ready for the event, people arriving, make sure to get footage of as many different people as possible, be sure to video tape all of the locations of the event (i.e. inside, outside, different rooms, etc.).

If you’re going on vacation, make a list of all the places you are going to go and make sure to get video footage of all of them.  You get the idea.  The point is, having a list will help ensure that you tell your story in the best way possible.  Note: You can upload up to 16 files or 600MB when you make a video with Magisto.  Upload as many videos or scenes as possible to tell your story as completely as possible.

Looking for more inspiration?  This morning one of our users shared this great summer video on Twitter.  The video tells the story about friends having a fun time at the beach and one guy being buried in the sand.  We see the entire process, from digging the hole to burying the guy and then the friends running around having fun afterwards.  Great storytelling!

If you’ve created a movie that you think tells a great story we’d love to see it! Feel free to share it with us in the comments below.