Good News! You Can Now Use Photos In Magisto Movies

Ori copyOver the past year and a half over 5 million users have shared their experiences through video with Magisto and we’re excited to announce that, starting today, we’re taking things up a notch and letting you add photos to your Magisto movies as well.  This has been one of the most-requested features and we can’t wait to see what amazing things you’ll do with it!

The ability to add photos to your movies launches today on our iPhone app and will be launching on our Android app as well in the coming weeks.

Update [April 2, 2013]: This feature is now available on Android as well. Read more

We know that when it comes to capturing and sharing your experiences, it’s likely that you take both photos and videos.  So we’ve enhanced Magisto to now incorporate both video and smart photo editing into your personal movies that you can share with your friends and family.  When you add photos to your Magisto movie, we’ll make sure they look their best with filters, zooming and simulated action effects.

Check out the examples below to see the new Magisto photo feature in action!

How does it work?  Well, the new functionality is not much different from the way Magisto has always worked. The difference is that now, when you select media from your Camera Roll, pictures will appear alongside your videos and you can select them to have them incorporated into your Movie.  You’ll also notice that we’ve grouped your photos and videos by date—this will make it easier for you to find and include photos and videos from a specific event or period in time.

Note: The photo feature is designed to enhance your Magisto movie and breathe more life into a specific event.  For this reason, only photos that were shot on the same day or time as videos can be selected.

Users of our free app will be able to include up to 5 photos in each movie.  Premium users can add up to 20 photos.

pictures screenshots

As part of the launch of our new photo integration, we’ve partnered with The Austin Chronicle to bring you ‘Austin Chronicles: Storytelling & Thought Leadership from SXSW’—a project by which more than a dozen technology, film and music industry experts will share their personal perspectives on the SXSW conference in Austin through Magisto.  You can check out their Movies (complete with video and pictures!) at

We’d love to hear what you think of the new photo integration!  Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!