Video Storytelling: 5 Tips For Sharing Your Experiences Through Video

video storytellingWhen it comes to sharing an event or experience from your life–whether it be a trip to Italy, a family function or just a fun night out with your friends–photos are great, but nothing beats a good video that really tells the story of what went on. Video can make viewers feel like they are are a part of your experience, and we’ve put together a list of tips to help you share the ultimate video story.

Shoot lots of footage!

In order to create a video that really tells the story of what went on at the event that you’re trying to capture, it’s important to shoot plenty of footage.  If you’re creating a video of a party, try to shoot video from different perspectives and areas and be sure to capture footage of all the different people that are there.  If you’re making a video of a trip, shoot footage of landscapes and all the different landmarks you visit.  Variety will allow you to capture the experience much more fully and will be more interesting to viewers than one single static shot.

Of course, sometimes this won’t be relevant–for instance, if you’re making a quick video of something cute you caught your cat doing or a street performer you happened to see while waiting for the subway–but if you are trying to capture a full experience, variety is crucial.

Include Photos

Don’t feel constricted to shooting video footage.  Photos can add a nice touch to your video as well.  Earlier this month, we launched a new photo feature on our iPhone app.  Users can now include up to 5 photos per Movie with the free version of Magisto and up to 10 photos with the premium version of Magisto.  This feature is launching soon on our Android app as well.

When you include photos in your Magisto Movie, we seamlessly integrate them into your movie with effects and transitions.  Check out the example below (created by our VP R&D, Ori) to see how the addition of photos can help breathe life into an event.

Set the mood with music

Music evokes emotion.  Therefore, selecting the perfect song to play in your video can be a great way to set the mood for your viewers.  Put some thought into which song you select and what you think it says about the event or experience you’re trying to capture.

Choose a fitting theme

When you make a Magisto Movie, choosing an appropriate theme for your story is incredibly important.  Themes not only denote the look and feel of your video, like Instagram filters do for your photos, but they also indicate how your Movie will be edited from the speed of cuts to transitions and more.  We’ve got a variety of themes to choose from, from a ‘Cute’ theme that’s perfect for kids and pets movies to a ‘Let’s Party’ theme that’s great for crazy dance videos, a Romantic theme that we launched for Valentine’s day, a ‘Roaring 20s’ theme that turns your video footage into an old-timey silent film and more.  Click here to see our themes in action.

Keep it short and sweet

Finally, you have to keep in mind that these days attention spans are quite short.  Nobody wants to watch a 10-minute video, and if you don’t catch the viewers attention within the first 15 seconds, they’re going to click away and watch something else.  For this reason, it’s important to keep your video short and sweet.  We’ve found that one to two-and-a-half minutes does the trick, which is why Magisto Movies created with the free version of our app can be up to a minute-and-a-half and Movies created using the premium ‘Longer Movies’ function (available on iPhone and coming soon to Android) can be up to two-and-a-half minutes.

Now that you’re armed with a few good tips, it’s time to start capturing your experiences through video and we’d love to see what you come up with!  Feel free to share your Movies with us in the comments below.

Image credit: tamalesyatole