Users Can Now Include Photos In Magisto Movies On Android & iPhone

Ori copyLast month we announced an update to our iPhone app that allowed users to include photos in their Magisto Movies.  The new feature has been a huge success, with thousands of users creating Movies with videos and photos over the past month and we’re excited to announce that, starting today, Android users can take advantage of this new feature as well.

Android users: when you update to the most recent version of the Magisto app you’ll see that you can now select up to 5 photos per Movie with the free version of the app and up to 10 photos per Movie if you are a premium subscriber.

Note: The photo feature is designed to enhance your Magisto movie and breathe more life into a specific event.  For this reason, only photos that were shot during the same “event” or time period as videos can be selected.

You can read more about the new photo feature in our announcement post from last month.

Check out the Movies below to see the new feature in action and let us know what you think!