Getting The Most Out Of The New Magisto Photos Feature

photosOver the past few weeks we rolled out a new feature that lets you include photos in your Magisto movies on iPhone and Android.  You guys have been doing a lot of cool stuff with photos, but you’ve also had some questions about the new feature so we thought we’d address some of those questions, and give you a few tips along the way on how to get the most out of using photos in your Magisto Movies.

The biggest question we’ve gotten from you guys is why some of the photos in your Camera Roll or Gallery aren’t appearing when you select footage for your Magisto Movies.  Currently, we only show you photographs that were taken at the same time or during the same event as videos were shot. The reason for this is that the ability to add photos is designed to enhance the video experience.

A video of a trip to the park or a fun night hanging out with your friends, paired with photographs from that trip to the park, or that night hanging out, can make for a much more complete retelling of that event.  Including a mix of video and stills from a single event makes for a really compelling and fun Movie.  Watch the Movie below to see what we mean:

Another question we’ve been getting a lot of is why you can only upload 5 photos per Movie.  Note, for starters, that upgrading to Magisto Premium will increase that limit to 10 photos per Movie. However, we find that Movies are more compelling when you don’t overdo it on the photos. Since we are first-and-foremost a video application (as opposed to a photo or slideshow application), our goal is to help you tell your story through video so, as we mentioned above, we recommend using photos to enhance  the video experience rather than overwhelm it.

That being said, we do put a lot of work into what we do with your photos so that they fit perfectly into the video mix.  Our algorithm analyzes the photos, recognizes faces, landscapes and more and then zooms and pans to bring life to them and make them part of the action in your Movie.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new photos feature, as well as see what you’re doing with it, so feel free to share your thoughts and Movies in the comments below or share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!  Photos is a new feature, so we’re definitely open to feedback and suggestions and will be keeping you posted as the feature evolves and changes.