Magisto’s Coverage of TechCrunch Disrupt NY: Day 2

blogsketchHowdy, folks!  We’re back at the Manhattan Center for day 2 of TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013.  If you’re at the event, come say hello–we’re in the exhibitor area to the right of the big screen, spreading the good word about Magisto, making Movies and drawing portraits of attendees to promote our new ‘Draw a Video’ feature!  Yesterday we shared our experience here at #TCDisrupt through Magisto Movies and photos and today we’ll be doing the same thing, so keep checking back right here for our latest Movies and pictures!

Today there’s a new group of startups in Startup Alley and we’ll be checking in with them as we make Movies over the course of the day.  Here’s a quick first look at the startups that are exhibiting today…more to come!

And here’s a sketch of our booth (right next to the Yammer booth), created by our artist Collen, aka RAW T!


And here’s Collen’s rendition of the stage at #TCDisrupt!



Dennis and Collen have been walking around Startup Alley and the Exhibition area, looking for cool startups to profile.  The first company they profiled was Yammer, our booth neighbors!  The Movie features sketches by Collen.

1:58pm Here’s a fun Movie of New Zealand startup TOON HERO, which is set to launch soon.  We loved their tutus and capes! Such fun!

3:05pm The guys from spontaneous sharing app Spontly‘s cool suits inspired us to make this fun Movie. Gotta love the little animated bowler hats!

4:17pm Seamless busted out some delicious cupcakes and Dennis and Collen were the to capture the moment, Magisto-style!

5:06pm Here’s a fun Movie of SkyDrive!  If you’re on the floor at TechCrunch Disrupt, let us know and we’ll drop by and make a Movie of your startup!

5:42pm French Girls App lets you upload your photo for other people to have other people anonymously sketch you!  Pretty perfect, considering our new theme is all about sketchin’!

6:05 Get your learn on with Tareas Plus!