Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, We’re Off to Google I/O

Google IOAs a developer on Google and Anroid, we are especially looking forward to the kick off of the Google I/O event today. With our preparation over the last few weeks, there is a palpable uptick in the “geek factor” inside Magisto and within the developer community. As a card carrying member of this community, Magisto will be well represented at the event – Pooj Preena (VP of Business Development), Ori Hasse (VP of Technology) and Israel Ben Atar (Developer) will all be in attendance.

In addition to just taking it all in and meeting other developers, we are attending the event to talk about several new points of integration between Magisto and Google, including launching on Google Chrome’s Packaged App Platform.

As one of a group of select apps from around the world, Magisto is now available as a native Chrome application (Chrome packaged app) on the Google Chrome Developer Channel. As part of this program, the Magisto Packaged App will function more like traditional desktop software with powerful functionality that works offline. For example, users will quickly be able to process very large videos, regardless of whether they are offline or online.


Packaged apps solve some big problems with web apps and desktop apps and bring the best of both worlds together – the power of traditional apps and the flexibility and innovation of web based apps. We think this is a very clever solution by Google.

In addition to participation in the Packaged App Platform, Magisto is now integrated with Google+ Sign-In app activities. What does this mean? Well, in the near future when users search for Magisto or other participating apps on Google, popular and aggregated user activity will be displayed to the right of search results. And, the addition of Google+ Sign-In capabilities in Magisto will allow users on the traditional web to remotely trigger a download of the mobile app onto their Android devices with one click. In other words, people who sign into Magisto using Google+ on the web can tell their Android device to download the app.

With eight Million downloads on Android and iOS combined, Magisto saw one million downloads in the month of April – with about 20,000 downloads every day on Android alone.

Stay tuned – we will be updating this blog with some thoughts at the close of the event.

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Reid Genauer, Chief Marketing Officer at Magisto