Kids vs. Cats: Parents’ Video Sharing Habits [Infographic]

kidsvcatsCats and kittens seem to get all the attention on the Internet. But research shows that parents are shooting and sharing more video than ever and, for them, their kids are the biggest stars–not their furry friends.

We recently teamed up with PlayScience global research firm to find out more about how one of our biggest user demographics–parents–are creating and engaging with video online. We found out that parents are shooting and sharing more video than ever, with a whopping 60 percent of parents shooting at least three videos a month and nearly half (44 percent) of parents sharing at least three videos a month.

What are they shooting? According to the research, kids are the most inspiring subject for parents to shoot and share. Parents are three times as likely to shoot and share videos of their kids (27 percent) as they are to shoot videos of their pets (9 percent).

But although parents are already shooting and sharing loads of video of their kids, our research shows they want to share even more:

  • More than a third of parents (37 percent) say they would share more videos if there was an easier way to do so
  • Approximately one-third would take more videos if they had access to an application that made it easier to edit (35 percent) or share (31 percent) videos

Check out the full infographic to find out more about what we learned about parents’ video sharing habits. Do your own video shooting and sharing habits align with the findings? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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