Magisto Research Published In USA Today

Magisto Facts FinalLast month we released an infographic based on research about the video sharing habits of parents, which we put together with PlayScience global research firm. Our research revealed that, although cats seem to get all the attention on the Internet, kids are actually the most popular video subject amongst parents.

We’re excited to announce that this morning USA Today published part of our research, the “Top 3 subjects of parents’ videos,” as part of their USA Snapshots series. You can check out the clipping above (paired with some fun decorations of our own, which we hope you enjoy!).

Kids beating out pets as the winning subject matter for parents shooting and sharing video isn’t all we discovered. We saw some other interesting consumer  behavior as well – specifically around the devices parents are using to take and share video and where they watch videos.

Believe it or not parents are still using digital cameras more than smartphones when it comes to simply capturing videos. However, when they’re shooting video that they intend to share, smartphones become the device of choice.

Shoot To Share

What’s intriguing, but also logical when you think about it, it is those very same parents that are shooting and sharing videos on their smartphones are watching videos on their laptops and PCs as opposed to their phones. It seems that video creation and viewing habits really are a cross platform phenomenon.

watching devices

To check out our full infographic and learn more about the video shooting and sharing habits of parents, click here!

Are you surprised by our findings or do they match your own video sharing habits? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.