This Week’s Top Movies: Cats, Bikes & A Dancing Horse

SmileWell folks, it’s that time of the week again – the time of the week where we compile a list of some of our favorite user Movies and share them with you! This week we’ve got a fun variety of Movies to share, including everything from cats to aerial fabric acrobatics and even a dancing horse!

If you have a great Movie, or have seen someone else’s great Movie that you think deserves to be featured, feel free to share it with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll consider it for future weekly round ups!

Axels bmx edit

The first Movie on our list this week is an awesome BMX Movie. We love the variety of shots in this one – it’s not just a single shot of a BMX rider – there’s added appeal with footage shot from different angles, closeups on the bike and the rider sitting and relaxing. A couple weeks ago, we posted a guide on how to make better Movies by shooting a good variety of footage. We think this Movie does a great job of that – Kudos!

My Hobby

This awesome Movie was created as part of last week’s #WeekendChallenge, in which we invited users to share their hobbies with us in a Magisto Movie. Ana Luisa’s hobby is photography. You can click here to see more Movies that were submitted for the hobby #WeekendChallenge.


This next Movie wasn’t submitted as part of our hobby #WeekendChallenge, but it is a pretty impressive hobby! So impressive that it earned itself a spot in our weekly roundup. Do you think you could do this?

We love you Indie!

This Movie was actually created by pro MMA fighter Jessica Philippus to pay homage to her cat, who sadly passed away earlier this month. We were very sorry to hear about the loss of Indie, but are happy her memory could live on in this sweet Movie.

Leo and Joyce

We just love the emotion that shines through in this great dance Movie, Leo and Joyce.

Cavalo Dançndo

And last but not least, we promised you a dancing horse so here it is…a dancing horse! Enjoy!