This Week’s Top Movies: This Dancing Baby’s Got Moves Like Jagger!

dancing baby

Hi there, ladies and gents! Hope you’re ready to smile because this week’s Top Movies roundup is full of happy-making content from an adorable dancing baby to a pile of cute kittens.

If you have a great Movie, or have seen someone else’s great Movie that you think deserves to be featured, feel free to share it with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll consider it for future weekly round ups!
…And now to our list! Enjoy!

Teddy Tushing

Meet Teddy! This little guy has some of the best moves we’ve ever seen! We hear “tushing” is all the rage among babies these days!


Aside from an adorable dancing baby, not much is more smile-inducing than a pile of kittens. Are we right or are we right??

Crazy Family

This Movie is a great example of how Magisto can be used to transform even the simplest of events – a family sitting around their living room singing – into a lasting memory. We’re loving it!

In the Air, Don’t Care

Bikers fly through the air in this awesome extreme sports Movie – kudos to the creator, Noah, on the great variety of footage!


And finally,  we’re not exactly sure what’s going on in this Movie… but it sure looks like fun! Wonder if this is an average school day for these kids!