#WeekendChallenge: Make a Movie Starring Your Pet

kittenAs you may have noticed from some of the Movies we feature on our Popular Page and in our Top Movies weekly roundups, here at Magisto we’re crazy about pets.

One of our very first Weekend Challenges, back in April, was a pet challenge. However, as more of you have started submitting Weekend Challenge Movies, we’ve received some requests asking us to do another challenge around your dogs, cats, fish, gerbils, snakes, frogs, turtles, chinchillas, or whatever other type of pet you have at home, so we’re bringing it back!

Make a Movie starring your pet this weekend and you could win a free one-month Magisto upgrade. Don’t have a pet? Feel free to make a Movie of a friend’s pet, some animals in your neighborhood, at the zoo or anywhere!

How does it work? Just use the Magisto iPhone, Android or Web app to create a Movie using video footage and photos of your pet and then share the results with us on our Facebook page or tweet them to @Magisto on Twitter. Make sure to let us know that you’re sharing your Movie as part of our #WeekendChallenge! The first 50 of you to share your Movie with us will be rewarded with free upgrades!

Because I (Megan, Magisto’s Community Manager) am obsessed with my dog, here’s a pet video example featuring him in all his adorableness:

And, because I also acknowledge that I’m not the only one with a mind-blowingly adorable pet, here are a few more user-made pet Movies we love to inspire you to get going on the #WeekendChallenge. Enjoy!