Emotion Sense Technology: Magisto’s Magical Secret Revealed

how it works bannerMany of our users have called Magisto “magical,” and it’s not just because of our name. In a recent poll we conducted, 81.8 percent of users told us they agree that their recent Magisto Movies matched the emotions they intended to convey. But as much as we’d love to be able to claim that we actually have magical powers, it’s no coincidence that we’re able to consistently turn users’ raw footage and photos into fun Movies that capture their experiences to a T.

Today we’re excited to reveal the secret sauce behind our “magical” results. It’s called Emotion Sense Technology (EST) – our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm. EST is able to generate a deep understanding of what’s actually going on inside the video footage and photos you upload, determine which sections of that footage will best tell your story, and then stitch them together with transitions and effects that breathe life and emotion into your Movie.

We’re proud to announce that over a six-month beta test, which included over 60 million videos, our EST has become smarter, faster and more intuitive in analyzing, identifying and replicating a user’s intended mood. In addition to  our refined algorithm growing selection of video styles is aimed at giving the right “emotional resonance” to your Movie no matter what mood your after, from sentimental to full of love, down to party or anything in between.

Check out the examples below to see how two different themes – in this case “Love” and “Roaring 20s” can make a world of difference in the emotional appeal of a Movie:

Want to learn more about how Magisto works? Head over to our new How It Works page and dive in!

Reid Genauer
CMO, Magisto