#WeekendChallenge: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

summervacationLast weekend’s challenge to create a Movie inspired by Summer was so popular that we’ve decided to make this week’s challenge about Summer as well! This weekend we’re asking you to create a Movie all about how you spent your Summer vacation.

What have you been up to for the past three months? Did you have the opportunity to take a trip? Did you lounge by the pool, play sports or work on a fun Summer project? Show us in a Movie! This should be easy to do – especially if you’ve been taking photos and videos on your smart phone. Just select some of your favorite pictures and videos from your Summer adventures and make a Movie that highlights what you’ve been up to!

When you create your Movie, make sure to include the hashtag #WeekendChallenge in the title or share your Movie with us on Facebook or Twitter and you could win a free Magisto upgrade for yourself of, if you’ve already won an upgrade, for a friend. The first 50 of you to submit Summer vacation Movies this weekend will get upgrades!

My dog spent most of his Summer vacation rolling in the grass and snoozin’:

What did you do? Can’t wait to see your Movies!