#WeekendChallenge: Your Favorite Place

favorite placeWhat’s your favorite place? Is there a specific room of your house that you like to hang out in? Is there a spot in your city or town with a nice view where you like to sit and relax? Or is your favorite place an entire city? A specific building? A restaurant, museum or park? Whatever it is, we’d like to see it! So for this weekend’s #WeekendChallenge we invite you to get creative and make a Movie about your favorite place!

Using the Magisto iPhone, Android or Web app, upload some photos and videos of your favorite spot to create a Movie and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below. Don’t forget to let us know you’re sharing your Movie wiht us as part of our #WeekendChallenge! The first 50 of you to submit a Movie this weekend about your favorite place will get a free one-month Magisto upgrade!

Our Community Manager, Megan, put together this Movie about one of her favorite places – Fairchild Botanical Garden in Miami:

So, what’s your favorite place? We can’t wait to see your Movie!