Adweek: Magisto Puts a Fresh Spin on Personal Video for Brands

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Billions of videos and photos sit on people’s smartphones, never seeing the light of day. We’ve provided a solution for the everyday consumer to turn these photos and videos into shareworthy, professionally-produced Movies and, in the past months, we’ve begun extending this solution to brands as well, enabling them to interact with their fans and curate content through our personal video storytelling platform.

Magisto is featured in the social media section in Adweek this week, with a focus on some of the brand-related test cases we’ve run over the past several months:

“A small contest with retailer Sierra Trading Post encouraged consumers to make and post a fun outdoor adventure movie. Over the two-week promotion, 200 Magisto videos were posted generating 54,000 views. To put that number in context, videos on Sierra’s YouTube channel got contactcorners400,000 views over four years, notes [Magisto CMO Reid Genauer].

“Similarly, a summer promotion with sporting goods maker Rawlings invited baseball fans to create movies about their love for America’s pastime. Ten winners were culled from the 50 most liked videos on the Rawlings-branded album on Magisto.

“According to Genauer, Magisto is also pursuing media partnerships, where branded media companies can insert relevant content into the Magisto editing process. This might include images or scenes from a TV show or movie to be used as branded b-roll, a new song to be used as a soundtrack, or even branded title credits.

“Currently, Magisto is teaming with singer Brad Paisley, asking his fans to create movies using his new single, “I Can’t Change the World,” with a focus on people they admire who “change the world.” For Paisley, it is a new way to connect with fans and promote the song. Magisto expects other artists will use Magisto to disseminate their music.”

If you’re a brand looking for new ways to engage with your audience around video content, check out the following links and contact us for more information. We’d love to explore how we can work together!

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