Featured Creator: On Exercising Your Creativity With Magisto

Many of our users have gotten creative with Magisto, using the app as a means to exercise their creative muscles. One of these users is Ann L E Bach.

annbachOur users upload videos and photos to document every part of life, from travel experiences to birthdays, sporting events, get-togethers, milestones like graduations, weddings, births, and the precious everyday moments in between. But Magisto doesn’t have to be limited to capturing everyday events and many of our users have gotten creative with Magisto, using the app as a means to exercise their creative muscles. One of these users is Ann L E Bach.

Ann is a digital marketing consultant, writer, artist and cabaret performer based on the East Coast of the US. She is developing Jake Finds Home: A Musical Tale, based on her children’s book about her missing dog, and a solo cabaret show, Flying off the Turnip Wagon and tells us, “Using Magisto as an artistic platform has energized my momentum in performing/cabaret and is enabling me to develop the character Pearl I began thinking about a year ago when I started her blog.”

“I’m a big fan of Lily Tomlin’s characters and Barry Humphries’ Dame Edna. And when I heard Lily Tomlin tell Chris Hardwick on his The Nerdist podcast that she developed her characters like Ernestine ‘little by little’, it gave me the courage to do the same with Pearl, through Magisto. I started the hash tag phrase #pearlpowdershernose as the recurring segment in the adventures of Pearl who goes about her life but always, no matter whether she’s out to lunch with her friends, shopping or even at the library,  winds up dancing in the women’s restroom. Even Pearl’s dance style is greatly influenced by Ellen DeGeneres, who’s single-handedly made uninhibited dancing ‘like no one’s watching’ a national treasure.

“Pearl’s adventures are to be a statement, hopefully comedic, about a woman, or anyone really,  who is becoming their ‘true self.'”

Ann likes to use Magisto to share “a unique/comedic/abstract perspective of everyday life,” she says. “The ceiling of a beehive-shaped inflatable room, behind a waterfall, frying an egg…” We always appreciate seeing this artistic, unique take on life through Magisto, which you can find in Ann’s Movies below. The second features the work of artist Amy Sillman, who currently has a solo show at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.

When asked how she stumbled across Magisto, Ann told us she found it by chance doing an app search for video editing, but didn’t actually use it for a month or so, until she was “invited to create a special birthday greeting email for a friend. Then, poof! Magisto’s unlimited creativity appeared.”

Now, Ann uses Magisto not only to create her own Movies but to explore the ways in which other users are getting creative with Magisto. “It’s been fun seeing how other Magisto users tell their stories, whether it’s surfing, a hummingbird or their child’s first steps.” You can check out more of Ann’s Movies, and some from other creative Magisto users, in her public Art album on our site.