Introducing the Winners of the Brad Paisley “I Can’t Change The World” Contest

We received over 740 submissions and were blown away by the amazing stories told through video and photos in the Movies submitted. Today, we’re excited to announce the winners!

brad paisley contest winnersEarlier this year we teamed up with country and Southern rock star Brad Paisley to help promote his single “I Can’t Change The World.” Magisto users and Brad Paisley fans were invited to create Movies about a person that has changed their world, using Brad’s song, for the chance to win great prizes, including a Sony Blu-ray Home Theater System, Brad Paisley’s entire catalogue of albums, including a signed copy of ‘Wheelhouse’, and a personalized video message from Brad Paisley himself!

We received over 740 submissions and nearly 70,000 Movies were created using Brad’s song, and were blown away by the amazing stories told through video and photos in the Movies you submitted. Today, we’re excited to announce the winners!

Grand Prize Winner: Sarah Anders from Inwood, West Virginia

Sarah Anders of West Virginia, pictured with her family above, takes home the grand prize – a Sony Blu-ray Home Theater System and a personalized video message from Brad Paisley, for her heartwarming Movie, “Mom+Dad=12 adopted kids+4 Gbabies = FAMILY…” Here’s Sara’s amazing story and her wonderful Movie:

“My husband Bryan and I decided to become foster parents for the state of WV, 12 yrs ago.  With the hopes of adopting one little boy. Well he had a sister and it just grew from there.  We are still in the process of adopting our youngest daughter  but  lay claim to 12 kids and 4 grandbabies. We are told these children are lucky to have us.  Honestly it’s the silliest statement I  hear.  We have been given the privilege of raising this group of children. They are individually amazing and even more so as a whole. We feel the world should be jealous that we get to lay claim to so much greatness. I have been a Brad Paisley fan for years.  Many of his songs are soundtracks to moments in our lives. So I jumped at the idea that I could use your app and his song to  showcase our family. What I didn’t expect was how a video less then a minute long could actually tell our story.”

The Runners Up!

We also selected ten runners up – these wonderful Movies earned their creators a signed copy of Brad Paisley’s ‘Wheelhouse’ Album. Check out their Movies, and the stories behind them, below.

Jennifer Lane from Sanford, FL

“Timothy was the love of my life and he recently passed away in a motorcycle accident.  He truly changed my world in every way positive and he was, is and will always be my “Superman”.  For the past 11 years we were together and experienced the most beautiful relationship.  He truly was my best friend and spiritual partner.  His presence in my life blessed me in every way. We shared our lives and proved that relationships founded in God, faith and truth could bloom and bring beauty. I am so thankful for the beautiful example he was to our boys. He showed them how to be a good father, a good husband, a good son and be a good Christian. He brought light, laughter, love, happiness and contentment into my life. He is missed with every breath I take and I look for him in every moment of every day. Our home is not the same without him.”

Lexie Carpenter from Crown Point, IN

“My brother, Andy, has had cancer four times throughout his life. Something most people don’t know is that I was his donor for his bone marrow transplant. He is now paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair. Being handicapped has not stopped him from doing things an able bodied person can do. He drives a car with hand controls, goes skiing, and has been zip lining. My brother is the absolute the strongest and most independent person I know. He is now cancer free and 20 years old. His courage and everything he has fought through impacted my life enough to CHANGE MY WORLD!”

Justin Thomas Sanchez from New York, NY

“Kirra celebrated her first birthday last Saturday and it has been a year of positive change. As you can see from the video, she is such a happy little girl and teaches me just as much as her mother and I teach her. Using Magisto has been absolutely amazing and to see what your algorithm did with my images and photos of Kirra was incredible. Then to have Brad Paisley’s beautiful song as the audio track brought the video to a whole new level and, quite honestly, tears to my eyes.  Thank you for creating such an amazing memory for me of Kirra’s early months.”

David Ransbottom from Abilene, TX

“In 2011 I was married to my best friend Cherie after a 3 year courtship. We began our life together getting married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and spent our honeymoon in the Great Smoky Mountains. I have spent a lifetime, 20 years now in the United States Marine Corps searching for the woman that would complete my life in every aspect. When I met my wife we shared so many of the same aspects of life from music, movies, and how we liked to spend our down time but one of the many things we had in common was our love for music, being country music. At the time we were married I was on Recruiting Duty in Columbus Ohio and had many contacts at the River Bend in Cincinnatti. The week after our wedding Brad Paisley my wife’s favorite artist, Blake Shelton and Jerrod Neiman were going to be performing there. My wife at this time had never seen Brad in concert, so I got in touch with my contact to see about getting tickets as it was a last minute deal, but they were able to get us great tickets to see the show. This was my wedding gift to my wife and during the show my wife and I actually got to run into Blake Shelton and was able to talk to him. I have made many movies throughout our time together using windows movie maker with wedding pictures, and pictures from our life together to the sounds of our favorite country artists. The reason I did the movie on Magisto was simply because even though I have done many combat deployments to Iraq and feel that I have helped change peoples lives for a good cause, the one person that has had an everlasting impact on me and that has changed my world was my wife.”

Breonna Brooks from Little Elm, TX

“When I first got a notification about the contest I was waiting to hop on my flight to Seattle to welcome home my brother from Afghanistan. He was overseas for 9 months and spent his 19th birthday there. We are a very close family and it was the hardest 9 months of our lives. I just knew this would be the perfect moment to make a movie but when I saw the contest it just seemed to all go together like a puzzle. He not only changed my world but so many others that don’t even know his name.”

Luis Ramones from Woodside, NY

“I am a fdny firefigther. This means a lot to me and the brothers of the fdny. This video was shot a year ago at breezy point in the Rockaways during Sandy. The whole night no one stopped battling this fire. I had my camera and documented Sandy.”

Regina Morlino from Norfolk, VA

“My nephew Michael Morlino was truly a remarkable young man.  He was diagnosed with Aspergers only a few years ago; and in October of 2012, just 2 weeks after he turned 11, Michael died in a tragic accident. Michael was a phenomenal young man – his interests ranged from classical music, to knitting, to baking, to sports.  His favorite interest was football.  He not only played the game, he studied the game and even designed his own plays.  He was an avid Washington Redskins fan, which prompted his many cousins to make a decision to wear Washington Redskins jerseys to Michael’s wake service.  The Washington Redskins organization even sent Michael’s family a care package and condolence letter.  It was very touching. Michael’s death left a huge void in our hearts but his impact on the world truly fit into the theme of this contest – Michael didn’t just change my world, he changed the world of many and probably all that knew him.  Today I am a better Aunt, a better daughter, and a better person because of the impact Michael’s life and untimely death had on me.  Thank you, Michael, but I miss you dearly and would rather you be here!”

Lois Amaral from Aurora, CO

“My husband was brought up with his dad telling him that the world has too much sufferings and evil and it was unfair to bring a kid into this world.   After marriage, it took a several years and a deeper understanding of God’s Word to change my husband’s perspective.  Plus, visits with friends with kids also helped 😉  Well, we tried to conceive and had 4 miscarriages. Finally, our fifth pregnancy took, and Caleb was born.  We realized that we will do our utmost to change the world for him, at least the things around him. And like Brad’s lyrics, we will try to never let Caleb down, and will never leave him.  We will introduce the good in this world to him, to fascinate him with God’s creation.”

Doug Kisner from Venice, FL

“Our boys are everything to us. They bring messes and joy into our home .  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are very proud of them and love them very much.”

Trevin Luke Bundy from Boulder City, NV

“My buddies taught me how to ride bulls and have always been here for me and now I’m going pro all thanks to them.”