Check Out 9-Year Old Magisto User David’s Award Winning Movie!

davids movieOver the weekend we were excited to hear from one of our users, Darryl, that his 9-year old son David used Magisto to create an award-winning Movie. David’s awesome Movie tells the story of an elf named Buddy that makes Christmas cookies for a turtle named Snowball and we absolutely loved it!

Darryl told us the story behind David’s Movie via email:

“My 9-year old son David joined the Technology Club at his elementary school this Fall (2013) and they held a Technology Fair/Contest for the students. The students were allowed to select a category and David chose ‘Video Production/Editing’ because he’s interested in making movies when he grows up. He takes a lot of pictures and videos from my iPhone, but didn’t have any experience making a movie. Fortunately, I read an article about Magisto in Entrepreneur magazine and thought it might be a perfect application for him to use, and it was. He was able to produce an award winning video within minutes! David won first place in the Video Production/Editing category for 3rd grade in his school, and now he is going to compete at the ‘County’ level in January 2014. Thanks for making such a great app!”

What we really love about David’s Movie is the creativity that went into it and how he used Magisto to really tell a story – the Movie follows Buddy through the whole cookie-making process, from buying the ingredients to mixing them together, cooking and serving them. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Congratulations David! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us!