Introducing the Winners of Magisto’s Zooppa Contest!

We received over 230 amazing submissions and it was tough to narrow it down to the best of the best, but today we’re excited to announce our winning Zooppa Movies!

a day inBack in November we opened up our platform to Zooppa’s creative community, asking them and our own users to get creative with Magisto for the opportunity to win great cash prizes. We received over 230 amazing submissions and it was tough to narrow it down to the best of the best, but today we’re excited to announce our winning Movies!

Winners were selected based on a combination of factors, including production quality (shot composition, lighting, etc.) and creativity. We’re pleased to say that our winners truly lived up to our challenge of pushing Magisto to the limits, creating some of the best Movies we’ve seen.

So now, without further ado….the winners!

First Place: “A Day In…Santa Monica” by adammorley1993

Zooppa user adammorley1993 takes home the grand prize of $5000 for his great Movie about a day in Santa Monica. This Movie was part of a full album of Movies, also featuring a day in Long Beach, San Francisco and Venice Beach. What we really loved about this Movie was the great variety of footage that he used to tell the story of what was clearly an incredibly fun day!

Second Place: “LE VOYAGE DE BENJAMIN” by giuliop

Zooppa user giuliop takes home $3000 for his awesome Movie, “LE VPYAGE DE BENJAMIN”. We love the creativity that went into the telling of Benjamin’s story, which giuliop tells as follows:

“Benjamin is bored, so he decided to eat something… a little sweety cake! But something went wrong and Ben, in a little while, started a trip around the WORLD! White mountains, green hills, blue seas and colorful cities! Enjoy his little ‘voyage’, made more spectacular by MAGISTO!”

Third Place: “Love Story” by pedjastajevski1

Finally, our third-place $1000 prize goes to Zooppa user pedjastajevski1 for this beautifully artistic love story Movie.

Community Awards

In addition to the above, there were also two $1000 community awards given. The first was rewarded based on a community vote and went to Zooppa user zenitta for a Movie featuring backstage footage from a short Movie about zombies.

The second community award was rewarded to the most-viewed submission, “Samsonfusik” by cyxapb-tipitip.

We hope these great Movies inspire you to get creative with Magisto as well! If you’ve created a great Movie you think deserves to be featured, share it with us! Feel free to send us a link on Facebook, Twitter or leave it right here in the comments!