Battle of the Fans: Meet Gentlemen Hall

Meet Gentlemen Hall from Boston – one of the eleven bands competing for a gig at SXSW as part of our Battle of the Fans contest!

This month we’re rocking out with a new theme called ‘Rock On’ and a ‘Battle of the Fans’ video contest. We’ve invited 11 Sonicbids bands to have their music included in our ‘Rock On’ theme and battle it out for the opportunity to play at SXSW. In this series of blog posts we meet the bands. Click here for more profiles.

gentlemen hall

Gentlemen Hall, hailing from Boston, began as a group of friends hanging out in college dorms in the mid-2000s. Gavin, Seth, Rory, Brad, Copy and Phil formed the band in 2008 and have since established themselves as one of the most talked about bands to emerge from Boston in recent years, being selected as MTV’s Best Breakout Band in 2009, Boston’s Best Act in 2011 and becoming the first independent band to perform on the Billboard Music Awards in 2011.

The band describes themselves as “standing strong between the high-handed anthemic choruses of the Killers and retro synth melodies of MGMT along with a dash of wildman flutist antics.” Their inspirations include “pacific coast sunsets, east coast sunrises, IPA’s and good whiskey!”

You’ll find their song “Sail into the Sun” in our ‘Rock On’ editing style. They tell us that the song “was written on the first nice day in Boston after a long winter. We sat on our front porch soaking up the sun rays and decided to write a song about how amazing it was to be outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. The lyrics flowed and now the song has been adopted by people all over the world as their sunny day song and we hope it does the same for you!”

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