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You can now tweak movies after creation… with Tweak!


One of the new features most commonly requested by our users is the ability to tweak movies after they’ve been created. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new feature that lets you do just that and it’s called – you guessed it! – Tweak!

Now when you create a new movie it will be initially saved as a Draft. Watch your Draft Movie and, if you like it, click Keep It to save it to your account. If you see something you’d like to change – the title, editing style, song, or the videos and photos you selected – click on Tweak.

When you choose to Tweak a movie, it takes you back into the creation flow. The videos and photos you chose will still be selected, as will the editing style, music and title but you can change any of it. Made a typo in your title? Fix it! Want to see what your movie looks like with the Indie theme instead of Cute? Change your editing style choice! Once you’ve made all your changes, we’ll create your movie again as a new Draft and you can see how you like it (by mainville). Once you’ve created a movie you’re happy with, select Keep It and you’re good to go!

We’d love to hear what you think of this new feature – let us know in the comments below or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

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