Tuesday Tips: Simple Lighting Tricks for Mobile Photo and Video

Happy Tuesday, ladies and gents – we’re back with another tip for making your Magisto movies as awesome as possible. This weeks Tuesday Tip is all about lighting.

lightingHappy Tuesday, ladies and gents – we’re back with another tip for making your Magisto movies as awesome as possible. This weeks Tuesday Tip is all about lighting!

Because mobile camera lenses are tiny, it’s important to shoot in conditions with lots of light for the best possible results. Lighting can make or break a photo or video. If it’s too dark where you’re shooting, your video footage or photo can look grainy and unappealing. If the light is shining from the wrong direction, it can make your subject appear lost in the shadows and hard to see.

We’ve put together a few super simple tips to get you on the right track to shooting great looking photos and videos.

No lighting kit required!

“But I don’t have a lighting kit,” you may be thinking. No big deal! There’s a lot you can do with the everyday lamps and lights you have in your house – and even with natural sunlight.

Get out and shoot in the sunlight

Natural light is one of the best light sources for shooting beautiful photos and videos, so get outside spend some time in the sun! When shooting videos or photos in the sun, it’s important to pay attention to where the sun is in relation to your subject. Try to position yourself so that the sunlight is behind you and shining down on the front of your subject. When you shoot video and photos with your camera pointed towards the sun, it will blow out the background and make your subject look dark.

Shooting inside? Open those curtains!

During the day, if you’re shooting inside your house or in a different interior location, try to open the curtains if possible. This way you can take advantage of the sun’s natural light, even if you’re inside.

If you don’t have windows, it’s a cloudy day or it’s nighttime, turn on as many lights as you can to make your subjects look as crisp and clear as possible.

Note that, as with the sun, you should pay attention to how the light is hitting your subjects. Avoid shadows on faces, and make sure that more direct light is shining directly on them and not just in the area in front, behind or around them.

Use your phone’s camera features

Your phone may also have certain features in its camera that can help you with lighting. For instance, if your camera has a flash you can turn it on in dark settings in order to add a bit of light to your photos. Additionally, on many devices you can tap around on the photo to focus in different areas and this also changes the way the camera interacts with light. Tapping in darker areas will lighten up the rest of the photo, while tapping in lighter areas will darken things up a bit.

If you begin thinking about light while shooting on your mobile device, it will make your videos and photos look brighter, sharper and more high quality. Do you have any lighting tips to add? Please feel free to leave them in the comments below!