Staff Picks: The True Essence of Friendship

Product analyst Eyal’s Staff Pick captures the true essence of friendship. Check it out after the jump!

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Meet Eyal, a product analyst here at Magisto, where he is working to make our app all it can be. He’s incredibly enthusiastic about making stuff that people enjoy. When he’s not Magisto’ing, Eyal and his new wife are singing in a pop choir and taking Swing dancing lessons. Click here to see the choir in action!

Eyal’s Staff Pick actually comes from his sister-in-law, Batel Zohar. “Ever since I told her about Magisto she’s been making movies of her son non-stop, with already more than 50 movies in her public album. This movie, called ‘Best Friends’ in Hebrew, really captures the essence of friendship!” Check out the movie below and stay tuned for a new Magisto Staff Pick every Wednesday.