Birthday Video Ideas – How To Make The Perfect Birthday Video

This week we introduced our “Happy Birthday!” editing style so we thought it would be fitting to share some tips for making an awesome birthday video.

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means – it’s time for another edition of Tuesday Tips! This week we introduced our “Happy Birthday!” editing style so we thought we’d share some awesome birthday video ideas.

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Birthday Video Ideas:

#1 – Birthday Video for guys

Who said guys hate sentimentality? Guys can get pretty touched if you disguise a heartfelt birthday wish under a layer of sarcasm and self-humor. There are a few ways to create a birthday video that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Include embarrassing footage (as cringy as you can get), ironic wishes, and don’t forget to sprinkle some inside jokes on top. Your best friend might not admit it, but we promise his eyes will get wet.


#2 – Birthday Video for sisters

Your sister (or your sister at heart) deserves a birthday video at least as amazing as her. Since you two went a long way together, dig up and find lost gems from the past. Mix new and old memories, add personal titles, customize colors and fonts and most importantly – don’t forget to choose the right songs out of Magisto’s 700+ royalty-free soundtrack options. Another option is to upload a song you two like or a voice-over. The result will be beautiful, just like your sisterhood. 


#3 – Birthday Video for Mom or Dad

Creating a birthday video for one of your parents is a great way to warm their hearts and show them how much they mean to you. One idea you can do is a list of all the things you like about them, and to build your video around it. Magisto’s big music library has a lot of nostalgic songs adults love, and together with our editing styles, your video will shine on social media. 


#4 – Birthday Video for a Girlfriend

Let’s face it, a birthday video for your girlfriend has a corniness potential. Instead of using worn-out lines, here’s an alternative: turn the video into a time warp of the great year she’s had. Include all of her beautiful moments, not with you only. Looking back to her year’s highlights will surely warm her heart and show her how much you appreciate her. And the award for the world’s best boyfriend goes to… 


#5 – Birthday Video for a Best Friend

When your best friend is having her birthday, you probably want to share your love to her with the whole world on Facebook. You know what they say – if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Write titles with some of the things you love about her – try not to be cliche, add fun music, and let Magisto do all the rest. Let’s break the Internet!



  1. Click “Make a new video”
  2. Simply select the photos and videos you want to feature
  3. Choose our “Happy Birthday!” editing style
  4. Select a birthday video song from our music library (or upload your own!)
  5. Give your birthday video a name
  6. Edit your birthday video text
  7. Save – Magisto will edit your movie for you, automatically. It’s perfect for making movies for friends, family, even your pups!
  8. Send your birthday invitation video to your friends


“Happy Birthday!” editing style so we thought we’d share some awesome birthday video ideas.


Birthday Video Tips:

When you’re creating your video, here are a few birthday video ideas to keep in mind —

Tip 1: Get nostalgic! Uploading old photos and videos from previous birthday celebrations can add a nice touch to your finished movie. Birthdays are a celebration of being a year older so they’re the perfect time to take a look back on all of your memories!

Tip 2: Sing happy birthday to the camera, share a spoken birthday greeting or hold up a sign with a written greeting to add a personal touch to your happy birthday video.

Tip 3: If there is a special song you know the person you’re making the movie for LOVES you can upload it for your soundtrack instead of using music from our library (though we think you’ll like what you find there!).

Tip 4: Use the title to add a personalised Happy Birthday message to your movie.

Tip 5: Add unique greeting and wishes to your video, pick one of our more than 70 birthday wishes & quotes.

Tip 6You can also celebrate your memories and create a photo collage using Fotor. Collect your best images and combine them into one image, make photos more interesting.


We’d love to see the great movies you create with the new editing style. To share a birthday video with us, just include the hashtag #birthday in the title and it will automatically be added to our public Birthday album.

The “Happy Birthday!” editing style is perfect for creating a birthday video greeting for friend or family member. As a Premium editing style, it’s available only to our Premium users. Click here to find out how to get it if you aren’t a Premium user yet.

Magisto’s Birthday video maker will add all the colourful bells and whistles to your video to give it a fun, celebratory vibe, but you’ll provide the real magic with the photos and videos that you upload.

Happy creating!

Team Magisto